How our Sorb-Tec works

Sorb-Tec injectors are fitted to ducts externally, replacing all lances on a one-to-one basis. Using boosted air, Sorb-Tec injectors enhance mixing and dispersion of the sorbent within the duct, ensuring lower sorbent usage and improved flexibility while increasing the efficiency of the chemical reaction. By reducing sorbent usage, Sorb-Tec technology also provides instant cost savings.


Nol-Tec Sorb-Tec - the difference

  • Minimized plugging and maintenance issues due to replacement of lances
  • Reduction in sorbent usage / costs up to 85% meaning fast payback and immediate benefits
  • Flexibility to meet increased emission targets to mitigate any future tighter environmental control.
  • Improved performance with load changes through in-built flexibility via a VFD delivering boosted air that can be modified depending on load operation to maximize performance.
  • Sorb-Tec is proven to benefit systems injecting all main forms of dry sorbents including hydrated lime, sodium bicarbonate, Trona and activated carbon.

For more detailed information about Sorb-Tec, you can download product literature below.

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