Your goals, our technology

Nol-Tec Systems is an engineering and systems technology team committed to helping your company achieve its goals by providing the best design, engineering, installation, support and service you need.

Environmental solutions

No matter what the challenge, from regulatory to cost savings, our technology can help reduce worry and ensure you remain environmentally compliant.

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Bulk materials handling

From the complicated to the simple, you can feel confident working with a partner who has proven experience in many industries and handling hundreds of different materials.

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Working with us

You can trust we’ll be involved at every step of the process and for the lifecycle of your systems. We balance sound technical expertise with innovative thinking to meet and exceed your expectations. No matter where you are in the process or what challenges may arise during the development of your system, we’ll be there to ensure your goals are met.

Worldwide solutions

Whether you need environmental solutions or bulk materials handling services, we’ve designed and provided systems for companies around the world. Take a look at the projects we’ve completed for our clients.

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Sorb-Tec™ Technology

Meet the most advanced method of injecting dry sorbent into ducts for pollution control. Sorb-Tec is a patented technology exclusive to Nol-Tec which has helped them reduce sorbent usage, greatly increase sorbent efficiency and minimize common maintenance problems associated with DSI systems.

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