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Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying is a method of moving non-abrasive, non-fragile materials that have a low bulk density.

Economical Way To Convey

Our system incorporates high gas volume at low pressure, entraining the materials in the gas flow and conveys one of two ways: pressure or vacuum. In pressure conveying a high volume of low-pressure air transfers material at a high velocity. In vacuum conveying a high volume of negative-pressure air transfers material at a high speed. Common materials suitable for dilute phase pneumatic conveying are flours, resins & compounds, specialty chemicals, and others.

System Explained

We understand that processes change, so we design flexible systems to evolve with your dynamic needs.

Minimal Investment Requirements

Keep your capital investment and installation costs low with simple design options and user friendly features.

Pressure or Vacuum Options

The use of vacuum and pressure conveying options facilitates the handling of materials from multiple source points and can distribute to multiple destination points.

Flexible Routing Choices

Conveyor lines can be routed vertically or horizontally, over short, or long distances, or through holes in the wall or ceiling making system integration easy.

Rotary Airlock Valve Varieties

Rotary airlock valves are typically required to control material feed, while isolating system pressure differential.

Venturi Eductor System Alternatives

Venturi eductor systems are a common alternative for rotary airlock valves and operate from low pressure blowers or plant air.

Enclosed Transport System Advantages

Completely closed environment provides a safe, sanitary mode of transport for materials limiting cross product and plant contamination.


We have a vast knowledge base of research and hands-on experience that covers topics from market trends to complex dry bulk material handling challenges.



Common Differences Between Dilute Phase Pressure Conveying and Dilute Phase Vacuum Conveying


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