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Dry Sorbent Injection

Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) is the process by which dry alkaline sorbents are injected into the flue gas stream to remove common pollutants including acid gases (S02,S03/H2S04, HCL), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and metals (Hg, As).

First-rate Engineering and Technology

We deliver efficient, sustainable, and compliant systems for our clients. We are known for our in-house engineering capabilities, cutting-edge technology, and diverse network of sorbent providers.

System Explained

Pollutant removal is directly related to the amount of dry sorbent injected, which is why our advanced system automation allows our clients to quickly modify the system, accommodating for changes in operating and process conditions.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling Benefits

CFD modeling is used to provide an accurate and predictive tool for emission reduction. This tool can be used for practical design, optimizing solutions, and problem solving.

In-House Engineering Capabilities

Experienced, multi-disciplined designers and engineers who have partnered with clients from many industries to oversee projects from napkin concept to commissioning.

Continuous Weight Metering System Benefits

Continuous weight metering systems accurately delivers sorbent at desired rates to achieve EPA compliance without wasting materials.

Resistive Splitting Enhancements

Essential for improved pollutant mitigation Nol-Tec’s resistive splitting technology is a simple and effective solution to ensure even distribution.

Multiple Sorbent Type Solutions

Systems are compatible with all main forms of dry sorbents including hydrated lime, sodium bicarbonate, trona, and activated carbon.


We have a vast knowledge base of research and hands-on experience that covers topics from market trends to complex dry bulk material handling challenges.



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