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Pneumatic Blending

Pneumatic blending is one of the quickest, cleanest, and most efficient methods of achieving homogeneous batches of powdered, granular, fragile, and/or abrasive materials.

Cycle Customization

Our pneumatic blender puts the user in control, providing the ability to customize a blending cycle that will best fit the application. This simplified blender is comprised of a casting and six removable air injection valve assemblies which are mounted in a circular pattern on the unit. All six valve assemblies are externally accessible and can be quickly and easily replaced or repaired on-site.

System Explained

Nol-Tec has refined the concept of mixing with the design of a reliable, low maintenance pneumatic blender.

Blend Cone Features

Blend cone is low maintenance and moving parts are not in contact with your material so valves can be removed or replaced independently.

Cone Head Features

Blend head can be combined with a transport pressure pot which reduces system redundancy and creates a smaller footprint.

Batch Features

Pneumatic blender is designed to do a continuous or blended batch with the ability to discharge a partial or full load.

Bin or Silo Blending Options

Aerating materials with compressed air within the vessel to mix them is a common way to homogenize large production runs of a single material.

Material Handling System Integration Advantages

The pneumatic blender is generally integrated with the bulk material handling system. This integration eliminates the need for a separate mechanical mixer saving space, time, and money.

PLC/HMI Based System Choices

Many modern process systems employ a PLC to control motors, values, and other equipment in a process. Computer based HMI options enable process personnel to interact with the PLC system.


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