Aeration for Pneumatic Bulk Material Handling

Keep your materials moving

Choosing the correct method for flow enhancement requires several considerations. These include efficiency, headroom, material characteristics and price.

There are a few basic designs that are used to improve flow enhancement and while we offer vibration solutions, we specialize in aerating materials. Depending on the material characteristics, we believe that it offers the most efficient solution for flow issues. Both aeration and vibration are great models for head room restrictions but also provide a gentler approach for your material.

Nol-Tec’s Aerator – the difference

Nol-Tec has three main solutions that provide aerating flow enhancement: 276 Aerators, 328 Fluidizing Bin Bottoms, and 255 Cones. The 255 cone produces a thin air cushion between the hopper and the material to enhance flow and is designed to prevent the material from migrating through the fluidizing membrane.

Key benefits include:

  • Enables a shallow angled hopper to reduce head room requirements

276 Aerators are utilized in the Fluidizing Bin Bottom and are a proven means of effectively and efficiently promoting flow and dislodging materials in silos, bins and chutes. Their “blast” of air fluidizes the material and disrupts bridging and rat-holing.

Key benefits include:

  • Easy installation in existing weigh bins or storage
  • Low maintenance
  • Forceful surge of air to your material to ensure material flow in a short amount of time