Silo Discharge Systems

Reliable flow enhancements

Silos provide a common medium for sorbent storage. It is imperative that the right technology is used to get the sorbent out of the silo without plugging or “dead legging” (when a material stays in a small area under stress for a long period of time). Nol-Tec’s Model 328 Fluidizing Bin Bottom and Model 420 Air Pad Distributor provide the solution you need.

Nol-Tec Silo Discharge – the difference

Our silo discharge technology involves the use of aeration for increased material fluidization. Nol-Tec’s fluidizing bin bottom and airpad distributor are used in nearly all silo discharging applications. The fluidizing bin bottom is a cone and aerator ‘double air source’ valves that are placed at the bottom of the silo to both improve the fluidization of the material as it’s being discharged, and prevent material from going back into the valve. The air pad distributor features a fabric membrane that creates a thin layer of gently pulsating air, is used to better promote material discharge to multiple locations.

In combination, these solutions work to improve silo discharge can be easily retrofitted to any system, deliver improved sorbent discharge.

  • Only solution that reduces pressure and contact points between particles allowing reliable sorbent flow when needed.
  • Being mounted externally, there is no requirement to go inside the silo for installation or service.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple cones, removing dead legging concerns.
  • Extra stress to dust collection is prevented, resulting in reduced safety risks and maintenance costs.