Pre-Assembly Services

Saving you time and money

Shipping a system in multiple loose pieces may seem like a good way to reduce freight costs, but the high price of assembling and installing that system on-site usually obliterates those cost savings. With that in mind, Nol-Tec Systems encourages our customers to purchase modular, pre-assembled components for pneumatic conveying systems. Despite a sometimes higher initial purchase price, modular pre-assembly will reduce the total cost of your installed system.

Nol-Tec’s Pre-Assembly – the difference

The Nol-Tec team has years of experience assembling bulk material handling modules of all shapes and sizes. Our systems assembly service starts with wiring and piping the equipment and components to the fullest practical extent; we then test each one electronically and mechanically to ensure proper operation and fit.

Our shop team works with our engineering and purchasing department to make certain everything is in excellent working order before shipment. Adding these extra quality control steps to our modular pre-assembly process has proven to save our customers money in the long run.