Furnace Sorbent Injection

Pollutant Trim Solution

Perfect as a “pollutant trim” solution, furnace sorbent injection adds a huge operating cost decrease because it involves injecting finely ground limestone particles (sometimes 1/10 of the price of other sorbents) directly into the boiler for acid gas reduction.

Nol-Tec Furnace Sorbent Injection – the difference

Furnace sorbent injection is a very temperature-sensitive process that requires good distribution and placement of the sorbent to maximize its effectiveness. Because Nol-Tec utilizes chemistry based CFD modeling we are able to ensure this criteria is met.

The system is also flexible to load and fuel changes. Pollutant removal is directly related to the amount of limestone being injected into the system. This is controlled by a loss-in-weight feeder which can be automatically adjusted in response to changing process conditions. A milling feature is included in the system to reduce particle size and maximize the available surface area for reaction.

  • Economically feasible for applications requiring up to 60% SO2 removal.
  • Great for boilers needing an acid gas trim.
  • Reduces overall cost of compliance by using limestone as sorbent, which is ~80% less costly than flue gas grade hydrated lime products.
  • Proprietary chemistry based modeling utilized for system design including sorbent placement and distribution in the furnace.