How our pneumatic blending works

Pneumatic blending is a process in which gentle pulses of compressed air are introduced into a vessel through a blending cone, achieving a desired homogeneous blend of materials. The blender assembly consists of a conical housing with multiple air injectors.


Nol-Tec pneumatic blending - the difference

  • Our pneumatic blender combines the appropriate amount of speed and cleanliness and handles materials with a minimum of degradation.
  • Our systems allow for a continuous batch blending, with the ability to discharge a partial or full batch.
  • Our systems are low-maintenance; all of our parts are easily removed from the exterior and either repaired or replaced. This results in a simpler, reliable, and easy-to-service design.
  • Nol-Tec has the experience and engineering power to custom design the best system for you resulting in a product that has high life expectancy of components with little maintenance.
  • We have a complete testing facility available for pneumatic blending.
  • We provide ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of your system.

For more detailed information about our pneumatic blending, you can download product literature below.


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