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Designing a successful pneumatic conveying system for battery production requires careful consideration of several key factors. In this article, we explore five important elements that must be taken into account when constructing a system to control moisture, improve safety, and ensure a more stable product.

Many of the dry bulk materials used in the manufacture of batteries have hygroscopic tendencies and therefore presents a manufacturing challenge to ensure that the material handling system deals with removing and limiting moisture. A well-engineered pneumatic conveying system provides the best solution to control moisture and ensures a safer and more stable manufactured battery.

Five considerations that ensure a good system design are:

  1. Foremost, supply compressed air with a dryer package, sized appropriately to remove enough moisture so that it does not affect the product quality
  2. In dilute phase, it is recommended to install dehumidification equipment at the inlet of the conveying air in order to improve the pressure or vacuum of the motive gas.
  3. Using a positive pressure purge of dry air or gas in hoppers and silos can help prevent the entry of moisture-rich air from the atmosphere.
  4. A weighted atmospheric damper installed on the clean air discharge of any related bin vent or filter can further reduce the chances of moisture entering the system.
  5. Lastly, you may want to consider using a conveying medium with no moisture, such as nitrogen.

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Key Takeaways

A pneumatic conveying system that is carefully designed and constructed can help to effectively control moisture and provide a safer and more stable battery production process.

  • Supply compressed air with a dryer package.
  • Install dehumidification equipment at the inlet of the conveying air.
  • Consider using a conveying medium with no moisture, such as nitrogen.

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