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Extensive experience and the latest technology

Nol-Tec is a leading provider of environmental solutions built to help clients meet the extensive requirements of the EPA’s air pollution mitigation standards. At Nol-Tec, we specialize in designing, improving and integrating environmental solutions such as sorbent injections, mercury control, acid gas removal, sorbent distribution and more! Our air pollution abatement services range from system design and implementation to consultation, testing, and auditing. Each of our air pollution mitigation services are capable of creating innovative solutions for your most frustrating problems.

Trust a Leading Air Pollution Mitigation & Abatement Provider

When it matters most, have experts on your side. Our services can provide the expertise required to match EPA demands, whether you’re looking to improve your air pollution mitigation systems or integrating a new solution to improve regulatory compliance. At Nol-Tec, we build long-term relationships with our customers by ensuring our environmental solutions continually provide high-performing and cost-effective results for the long run.

Testing is a critical component of developing new air pollution mitigation technologies and ideas in environmental solutions. Our team has heavily invested in our test program over the last 10 years and have a variety of resources available to investigate and solve a broad range of problems.

Careful analysis of your needs and challenges to find a solution that fits

For emissions control and particulate matter reduction, we ensure we know your challenges and goals before we begin a custom design process. From there, our air pollution control team will guide you through the process from sales to project management, installation and aftermarket support.

Custom-designed systems for your specific goals

Our retrofit environmental systems are all designed with the fastest return on investment (ROI) in mind, while offering them in a manner that reduces your risk and meets your commercial needs. We are also capable of upgrading or retrofitting any manufacturers’ equipment, removing limitations to achieving a more efficient system.

Upgrades for your existing sytems, lowering maintenance costs and improving efficiencies.

From a simple spare part for your DSI system requiring expedited shipping, to detailed annual inspections for your ESP — we continue to expand our aftermarket services. Our goal is to ensure that we have a full team of experienced personnel that are trained and experienced in supporting air pollution abatement systems, regardless of their original designer.

A broad range of services and knowledge throughout the lifecycle of your plant

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Meeting EPA standards with DSI portable unit

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