Bulk Material Handling & Pneumatic Conveying Systems


Unparalleled support from skilled engineers

Our team has designed pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling systems for over 35 years, all while working with clients in a variety of industries over the years. We’re capable of creating or implementing technology for all aspects of your system, from new models and upgrades, to complete controls integration for your entire process. Our solutions are low maintenance, dust free, require minimal cleaning and take up less space in your plant’s overall footprint.

Bulk Material Handling & Pneumatic Conveying Systems — Customized to Your Needs

Our team specializes in pneumatic conveying systems and bulk material handling conveyors, so you don’t have to. Take the pressure off your shoulders — and let our experts help you understand where your process could be improved or upgraded to increase your overall production. Choose your desired solution below and get detailed information on how our experts and systems can help you improve your process for the long haul.

Nol-Tec has a complete, state-of-the-art product design testing facility at our headquarters in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, where we can reliably duplicate your field conditions and conduct trials on the exact materials you’re conveying. We’ll accurately analyze a proposed bulk material handling or pneumatic conveying system design before you commit to a major installation or upgrade.

Careful analysis of your needs and challenges to find a solution that fits.

With our long history of successful pneumatic conveying designs, you can count on a bulk material handling system solution that won’t cause problems further down the line. Start to finish, we anticipate potential challenges, delivering assured production efficiencies and long-term performance reliabilities to solve your material handling challenges.

Custom-designed systems for your specific goals

At Nol-Tec we pride ourselves in the ability to understand your future process’ goals and how we can help you reach them. We can upgrade and retrofit your bulk material handling system equipment, even if we didn’t originally design them. Being well-versed in available technology allows us to be your best partner in handling success.

Improvements to keep your existing systems running efficiently.

In order for you to plan, maintain and upgrade your systems, Nol-Tec’s full complement of pneumatic bulk material conveyor parts and services is at your disposal, regardless of the system’s original designer. We offer process and performance analysis, inspections and tune-ups, replacement parts, life extensions, rebuilds and upgrades. You’ll benefit from our decades of knowledge and familiarity with almost all manufacturing processes.

A broad range of services and knowledge throughout the lifecycle of your project