Environmental Solutions

Whether you’re looking to meet local, state or national regulations, Nol-Tec’s technology will reduce emissions of SO 2 , SO 3 , Hg, HCl, and HF through injection of a variety of sorbent chemicals, with many systems available for lower capital costs.

Because generating power requires diligent and verifiable compliance with the EPA’s air pollution mitigation standards you need comprehensive solutions. Our experienced team anticipates potential challenges, tests to ensure standards are met, configures the ideal system design, oversees the installation process, and provides our customers with service across the entire lifecycle of their equipment.

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Bulk Materials Handling

The main function of a bulk materials handling system is to consistently transfer and supply materials to various locations throughout processing plants. In a typical bulk materials handling system, raw materials (bulk solids and powders) are received, moved to a storage facility using a conveyor system, and transferred again to in-plant use points where they are metered into the process.

In many industries, a high quantity output and dependable material handling system is a necessity. We offer handling technology for many aspects of your system, from new design and upgrades to complete controls integration for your entire process. You will find our solutions are low maintenance, dust free, require minimal cleaning, while taking up less space in your plant’s overall footprint.

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