How our weighing and batching systems work

Batching is the process by which multiple materials are weighed and transferred through a system ensuring an accurate mixture of ingredients in a repeatable and reliable manner.


Nol-Tec weighing and batching systems - the difference

  • There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to our approach to batching technologies. We will work with you to custom engineer a solution that meets the specific requirements of your unique application. We can incorporate all types of hardware and software through our custom engineering process.
  • Because our experience covers a vast amount of industries and materials, Nol-Tec understands your process and the unique nature of handling your materials.
  • We are also versed in all industry-accepted controls, PLC, scales, and load cells.
  • We offer a complete testing facility for weighing and batching.
  • We have gain-in-weight, loss-in-weight, continuous and batch capabilities.
  • Combines easily with pneumatic blending or conveying systems.
  • Provides verifiable weighing and batching accuracies.
  • We provide ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of your system.

For more detailed information about our weighing or batching systems, you can download product literature below.


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