Static Mixer for Sorbent Injection Systems

A passive mixing technology

One of our newest sorbent injection solutions, static mixer technology can be applied to a number of industrial processes including pollution control equipment optimization, controlling temperature profiles for manufacturing, and more. This design is an exceptional solution for many applications where particle distribution/concentration, temperature mixing and velocity profiles are important to overall process performance.

Nol-Tec Static Mixer – the difference

Nol-Tec’s static mixers are a proven technology for the mixing of gas streams and is a viable and passive alternative to active mixing technologies like Sorb-Tec. How can our design make a difference?

  • Proven to reduce sorbent usage up to 40%
  • Minimizes pressure drop to systems when compared to other in duct mixing technologies, ultimately limiting added stress on the overall process
  • Performance can be verified using Nol-Tec in-house chemistry predictive modeling capabilities