Resistive Splitter for Sorbent Injection Systems

Improve your sorbent distribution

Improving sorbent distribution is one of the easiest ways to reduce capital costs and one way to achieve this is to effectively split the main convey line into multiple injection ports. Nol-Tec’s resistive splitter design does just that. Engineered around the concept that particles will take the path of least resistance, our resistive splitter fills your duct with a consistent flow of sorbent, so the flue gases stream through a curtain of sorbent; increasing the effectiveness of your sorbent and decreasing overhead costs.

Nol-Tec Resistive Splitting – the difference

Nol-Tec’s resistive splitter design was developed by our experts, based on our more than 35 years of experience in the pneumatic conveying industry. It provides maximum contact for the most efficient chemical interaction and mitigation to occur and when combined with either our Sorb-Tec or Static Mixer. We can ensure the least amount of sorbent is used by providing:

  • Lower operating costs of sorbent injection system: reduces sorbent injection rates by improving distribution evenly across the duct.
  • No limitations on number of ports; can be designed for any number of injection ports.
  • Innovative design which resists abrasion, which allows for use of a broader range of sorbents, increased equipment longevity and lower maintenance costs.
  • Easy installation at the main convey pipe, allowing you to begin using the technology immediately.
  • Maintenance friendly: each line can be safely isolated for maintenance work while online and injecting.