Mobile Testing

The testing experts

Whether it’s testing new sorbents, new injection locations or just simply needing a compliance solution in a pinch, Nol-Tec’s mobile test systems can help. We have a fully functioning mobile fleet that can be used to temporarily inject dry sorbent at a plant site.

Why test?

For mobile system requirements Nol-Tec considers the following factors:

• Sorbent storage
• Injection rate
• Number of injection locations
• Plant support (operations)
• Timeline

Our portable systems mimic permanent DSI systems and some customers have purchased these in lieu of permanent installations.

Mobile systems are useful if current pollution abatement measures are not as effective as they should be or if you’re about to begin burning new fuels. Whatever your need, our on-site sorbent testing gives you the confidence of knowing exactly how our system will work in your process – before you buy.

Mobile Testing Case Studies

Mercury Abatement Testing

US / Different Sorbents
Nol-Tec was challenged by a client to inject five different materials used in mercury abatement over many different injection rates through twenty injection lances.

Sorb-Tec Case study

Illinois / Hydrated Lime
Reducing Hydrated Lime Needed to Acheive SO3, ABS, and Blue Plume Reduction