Why testing works

Testing and investigation allows for the collection of evidence and data needed to justify capital projects that are meant to improve your overall bottom line. Nol-Tec is capable of investigating problems related to material handling and ash resistivity.


Nol-Tec's In-House Test Lab - the difference

  • Complete Modular Facility
    • Our facility is solely equipped with modular components paired with varying lengths and diameters of convey lines which allows us to create any type of pneumatic system; pressure or vacuum, dense or dilute, wet or dry blending, and large or small batching
    • Can provide testing down to the component level to ensure the correct equipment is used.
  • Personnel
    • Our test facility staff are among the most experienced with material handling and technically knowledgeable individuals in the industry. During the testing process they work closely with you and our engineering team to understand and develop specific solutions that is proven to work.

For more detailed information about our in-house test lab, you can download literature below.


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