How our gravimetric and volumetric measurement works

While there are many different ways material can be fed, measurement boils down to two types: volumetric and gravimetric.

In this process, material is measured by volume. Because weight is not being measured, a scale is not used but rather a level probe informs the feeding device to stop the flow once a sensor is tripped. This method is less expensive, but provides less specific measurement.

This process measures material by weight. A scale is involved at the bottom of the device and electronically alerts the feeding method to either adjust the rate, or close once a specific amount is met. This method is more expensive but provides a verifiable, quantifiable means of measuring your material.

The method chosen is completely dependent on your process which can change with new industry demands. Whether you are needing a new system that includes measurement or changing your process from volumetric to gravimetric Nol-Tec has tried and true experience with both applications making your system immediately reliable.


Nol-Tec's gravimetric and volumetric measurement — the difference

  • Our technology offers verifiable, quantifiable and reliable measurement to meet your requirements either set by your company or by local regulations
  • We offer the flexibility to retrofit your system between gravimetric and volumetric; ensuring all details are taken in consideration so your system provides measurements that are stand alone and not impacted by outside sources
  • Nol-Tec has over 30 years in system controls which furthers our ability to deliver consistent measurement and integration within your process

For more detailed information about our gravimetric and volumetric measurement, you can download product literature below.

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