Gen 3 Technology for Your ACI Systems

Non-eductor technology to maximize you ACI system

Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) systems are the best available technology (BAT) for mitigating mercury. While historically much of the innovation has been applied to the powdered activated carbon (PAC), many of the systems installed were fairly basic eductor based systems.

Nol-Tec found a solution to getting PAC into a pressurized convey line without sacrificing conveying energy: Gen 3 technology. Our design has the capability to increase the conveying energy up to 12 PSI, your systems can go longer disances and have more splitting configurations and/or higher injection rates.

Nol-Tec Generation 3 Technology – the difference

Powdered activated carbon is proven to be the most effective mercury abatement sorbent. However, what makes it so effective also makes it the most challenging to handle. The ultra-fine, flowable characteristics of powdered activated carbon increase mercury removal, but standard eductor technology does not work well with this material. Low convey pressures and material leakage mean higher costs and less efficient mercury abatement. Fortunately, Nol-Tec has the solution. Designed for use with our DSI/ACI systems, our innovative non-eductor technology maximizes activated carbon injection for mercury abatement. Benefits of our ACI technology includes:

  • Our Gen 3 technology gives the ability to increase convey pressure through your system in order to meet its specific convey distances.
  • Use of resistive splitting for even material distribution and greater pollution mitigation.
  • Allows for greatest flexibility in both injection rates and sorbent types.