How our Gen 3 works

To solve for conveyance issues, Nol-Tec have designed an airlock-based solution instead of an eductor, eliminating the time needed to create a venturi and allow more energy to be used to convey sorbent. Using a bleed line from the convey line to the pressurized weigh hoppers above it, a zero-pressure differential is created across the airlock. The result is an airlock-based system that allows up to 12 PSI of conveying energy for long distances, more splitting configurations and/or higher injection rates.


Nol-Tec Gen 3 - the difference

With the capability to cost effectively retrofit to any manufacturers ACI systems, Gen 3 retrofits deliver:

  • Unrivaled system flexibility in terms of convey routing, injection rates, sorbent selection and splitting configurations
  • Additional conveying energy allows for additional retrofit technology like resistive splitting and SorbTec lance-less injection
  • A proven solution, both for new ACI systems, and retrofit to existing ACI systems, with permanent installations since 2013

For more detailed information about Gen 3, you can download product literature below.


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