Pneumatic Flow Enhancements

Encouraging your materials to keep flowing

When certain bulk materials are placed in containers, there can be issues moving the material to it’s destination. Nol-Tec has several proven flow enhancement techniques that successfully encourage the material to discharge from the container and keep your process moving.

Nol-Tec’s Flow Enhancements – the difference

Choosing the correct method for flow enhancement requires several considerations including efficiency, headroom, material characteristics and price.
While there are numerous styles to fluidize your material there are four basic designs to note:

  • The geometry of your hopper can be designed to promote material flow without any encouragement (example: steep angled hoppers)
  • Vibrators outside of the hopper are designed to jostle the material to the point of discharge; there are many designs of vibrators.
  • Mechanical flow enhancements are also available, either physically contacting the material or applying pressure to a flexible hopper.
  • Aerating the material to either change the material’s density, break the bond between materials, and/or break the bond between individual particles and the hopper wall.

Nol-Tec specializes in aeration but is knowledgeable in all processes to best serve you and your system.