Dust Collection Systems

Prevent dangerous work environments, improve quality and breath easier

Dust-laden air can produce an unpleasant – if not hazardous – work environment. Thankfully there are a multitude of dust collectors available but which type is the best for your process is determined by the material you’re handling. Nol-Tec has a breadth of experience in a myriad of materials so we’re easily able to identify the correct method as well as increase the efficiency of your current dust collector.

Nol-Tec’s Dust Collection Improvement – the difference

Our complete proprietary line of dust collection systems effectively and efficiently filter airborne dust generated by storage silos, receiving bins, pneumatic conveying systems, dryers, mixers, or any other plant process. They can help process plants of all sizes comply with OSHA regulations by controlling in-plant and environmental pollution. In addition, these systems help to reduce occupational hazards, lengthen machine life, reduce mechanical and electrical failures, and improve product quality.


  • 100% material recovery
  • Venturi reverse jet cleaning
  • Solid state electric timer
  • Reinforced housing
  • Continuous welded construction
  • Magnehelic gauge
  • Bird screen & weatherboard
  • Continuous cleaning
  • Large access door (Models 238/321/323)
  • Bottom grid (Models 238/321/323)


  • Variety of filter bag materials
  • Exhauster
  • High temperature design
  • Explosion proof design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Second access door (Models 238/321/323)
  • Hopper bottom (Models 238/321/323)
  • Dirty air housing extensions (Model 331)