Dense Phase Pneumatic Coneying

The Gentle Way to Convey

Dense phase pneumatic conveying involves the transfer of powders, granules, and other dry bulk materials through an enclosed pipeline using high pressure and lower air (or other gases) volume to move the material. The focus is on the lower velocity approach to make sure the delivery of the product is a more gentle process. Usually abrasive, blended or friable materials require dense phase conveying.

Nol-Tec’s Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying – the difference

Our exclusive air management system enhances efficiency, lowers overall resistance, decreases air pressure requirements and improves material flow by injecting air into the convey line via strategically placed Air Assists™. The unique design of the high-pressure Air Assist manifold prevents back-feeding, which can occur with low-pressure manifold systems.


• Gentle material handling
• Reduced product degradation & segregation
• Minimal component wear
• Decreased dusting
• Flexible routing

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Case Studies

Starting from Scratch

Ohio / Carbon Black, Calcium Carbonate, Talc
Helping a rubber compound producer design a new processing facility.

It's OK to be a Little Dense When Conveying Salt

Midwest / Salt
A food manufacturer installs a dense-phase pressure conveying system to prevent problems while conveying salt.