How our dense phase pneumatic conveying works

Dense phase designs require the use of special control systems to properly balance the solid to gas ratio. This allows the material to be delivered at lower velocities preventing degradation and minimizing the effects of system wear from abrasion.


Nol-Tec dense phase pneumatic conveying - the difference

  • Nol-Tec has a vast level of experience with numerous materials in a wide range of industries.
  • You’ll use less motive gas, saving your operation costs due to our Air Assist injectors along the conveying line, this also reduces velocity so as not to damage product or equipment.
  • Your system’s reliability is greatly increased.
  • We can also incorporate our non-purge concept, where material is intentionally left in the conveying line to further minimize effects from high velocity.
  • Systems are always custom-engineered to meet your specific requirements.
  • We have complete testing capabilities in dense phase.
  • We provide ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of your system.
  • Both pressure and vacuum systems are offered.

For more detailed information about dense phase pneumatic conveying, you can download product literature below.


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