Nol-Tec controls - the difference

With more than 30 years of experience with controls, Nol-Tec can provide solutions that can make a big impact on your business. This includes:

  • A multitude of power solutions including Switch gears, MCCs, MCPs, VFDs, panelboards, lighting, utilities, conduit and cabling.
  • Automation engineers versed in a wide range of material handling and process controls in a significant number of markets, including instrumentation, PLCs, HMIs, Scadas, and motor control systems.
  • Ability to integrate with not only our proprietary systems, but systems designed by our vendors, partners or competitors.
  • Integration capabilities to seamlessly power and automate your complete manufacturing process.
  • Flexibility to design your system using your specifications or customizing a solution.
  • As a full service provider we offer onsite services for commissioning, training, troubleshooting and audits, along with in house VPN and phone support.

For more detailed information about our controls expertise, you can download product literature below.


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