How our CFD works

In order to observe how variables affect emissions, Nol-Tec is able to model chemical reactions and change or adjust system designs as needed. CFD can be used for practical design, creating optimal solutions and problem solving. This simulation is a major analytical tool used to evaluate, analyze, design and optimize furnace combustion and air pollution control technologies. It has been shown to simulate field conditions to 93% accuracy.


Nol-Tec CFD - the difference

Our 18 years CFD experience with more than 90 combustion model projects covers a full spectrum of boilers — from burner design to furnace combustion, backend flue gas duct design and proprietary chemistry modeling.

Using CFD modeling assists in system design to maximize performance. This results in technology that has low operating costs yet still achieves NOx reductions from 35%-55%, depending on the system. Nol-Tec’s multi NOx reduction systems and vast experience enable customized solutions that meet customers’ need for their specific reduction targets. Design features include:

  • Multiple technologies available specific to NOx reduction requirements and financialbudgets.
  • Customized design to fit specific furnace configurations (Competitors systems or ours)
  • CFD combustion modeling to locate the OFA nozzles.
  • Combined technologies can entirely replace costly SCR installations.
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