In-House Test Lab for Bulk Material Handling

Your material, your process, our facility

Whether you need to install a completely new system or simply enhance an existing one, preliminary materials testing will help ensure the integrity and long-term success of your process.

Nol-Tec’s In-House Test Lab – the difference

In the United States, Nol-Tec headquarters in Lino Lakes (Minneapolis), Minnesota, is home to our modern materials testing facility. In the test lab, we can reliably and accurately determine a system’s rate, air consumption, material flow characteristics, product degradation statistics, and more by replicating your field conditions.

After each test, our engineers carefully collect and analyze the data in order to design an optimal system specifically suited to meet your requirements. We will also supply you with a comprehensive test report indicating air usage, system settings, and other applicable information unique to your application. In addition, you may collect and retain the test samples for analysis.

We can perform any of these material tests:

  • Dense Phase Pressure utilizing a transport vessel or Slow-Flow rotary airlock
  • Dense Phase Vacuum utilizing a surge hopper and vacuum blower
  • Dilute Phase Pressure utilizing a rotary airlock, screw feeder, or eductor
  • Dilute Phase Vacuum utilizing a rotary airlock or screw feeder
  • Pneumatic Blending (dry or wet) utilizing our Model 244 Blender
  • Bulk Bag Unloading
  • Air Activated Gravity Conveyor Metering or Transferring
  • Bulk Densities (loose, packed, or aerated)
  • Sieve Analysis
  • Moisture Content Analysis