Baghouses for Particulate Control

Improving performance and longevity of your system

A baghouse is a fabric filter used for particulate air pollution control and provide uniform and highly efficient filtration, allowing for fuel flexibility that isn’t available with an electrostatic precipitator. While all fabric filters function in essentially the same way, differences in filter material and configuration can have a serious impact on improving performance and longevity of your system.

Nol-Tec Baghouses – the difference

Whether you need a small fabric filter or a complex, multi-compartment system, Nol-Tec can provide a baghouse that’s customized for your unique needs. Nol-Tec has the experience and the knowledge of the many filter materials that can be used to improve performance and the longevity of your system.

Benefits from our systems include:

  •  Customized baghouse dust collectors to work in tandem with dry sorbent injection systems or electrostatic precipitators for superior particulate and pollutant mitigation.
  • A variety of baghouse solutions including reverse air fabric filters, shaker fabric filters, and more
  • Pulse jet fabric filters which provide effective particulate filtration for processes that demand collection efficiency and low dust emissions.
  • 99.9% efficiency delivered or better — some with outlet emissions as low as 1mg.
  • Ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of your system.