Air Assist for Dense Phase Systems

Increase efficiency and improve reliability

Nol-Tec’s Air Assist technology minimizes the potential of plugging or wasted energy by strategically injecting air throughout, allowing your systems to convey longer distances, with reduced wear & tear, and maintained performance.

Air Assists

Nol-Tec’s Air Assist – the difference

In a dense phase system without any type of Air Assist™ technology, all of the air required to move the material down the convey line is introduced at the beginning of the system via the pressure vessel (transporter). Unless extensive fluidization is introduced at the vessel, the amount of pressure required to overcome the resistance of the material moving through the convey line can be very high. In a longer system, should the resistance exceed the available pressure, the system will plug.

Injecting air into the conveying line at strategic points via Air Assists™ causes the material being conveyed to form short “slugs.” This essentially breaks the system down into several “minisystems” reducing the overall resistance and lowering the air supply pressure required to move the material through the convey line.

The result is the ability to reliably convey longer distances at lower velocities with minimal component wear and reduced product degradation and/or segregation.

Air Assist Case Studies

It's Ok to be a little dense when conveying salt

Midwest / Salt