Activated Carbon Injection (ACI)

Effective Mercury Abatement

Activated carbon injection (ACI) technology is the most cost-efficient mercury abatement method for treating coal-fired boiler flue gas in power plants and cement kilns. ACI has been proven effective in a variety of applications, and, when properly calibrated, can provide mercury abatement up to 90%.

Nol-Tec ACI – The Difference

Nol-Tec takes out the guesswork when designing the most optimal ACI solution for you. From what type of sorbent to inject to the location of your stack if you tell us what results you want to see we will design a process from start to delivery.

Other areas of expertise include:

  • Advanced technology for sorbent distribution including Sorb-Tec and resistive splitting
  • Our continuous weight metering system accurately delivers sorbent at desired rates
  • Ability to leverage Complex Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to provide a more accurate and predictive tool for emission reduction.

But don’t take our word for it: with our portable ACI testing services, we can bring our activated carbon injection technology into your facility to effectively verify the proper sorbent, chemical use rate, and injection location. In this way we can determine your emissions mitigation results and the ideal system configuration before you purchase a permanent system. We can also provide this as a turnkey service so you don’t have to worry about sorbent supply and stack testing.

ACI Case Studies

Mercury abatement - A Case Study

USA / Multiple Sorbents
Nol-Tec was challenged by a client to test 5 different materials used in mercury abatement through twenty injection lances.