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Nol-Tec Welcomes Dynequip to our Manufacturer Representative Network


For more information contact:
Abby Neuens, Marketing Specialist
Phone: (651) 203-2582


MINNEAPOLIS (March2021) – Nol-Tec welcomes Dynequip as our manufacturer’s representative for the Midwest territory. Dynequip has been partnering with reputable Bulk Material Handling manufacturers since 1971 and is well respected in the industry. Dynequip will act as an extension of the Nol-Tec team serving clients in Minnesota, Iowa, North & South Dakota, and western Wisconsin. They will offer Nol-Tec equipment and systems for dense & dilute phase pneumatic conveying, weighing & batching, pneumatic blending, storage & unloading, and dry sorbent injection. They will focus on the following industries: food & beverage, tire & rubber, industrial processes, chemical/bioprocess, building materials, and power & utilities.

“We’re excited to add experience, expertise, and depth to our manufacturer’s representative network to help us provide innovative solutions to the marketplace,” said Iain McNerlin, VP of Sales & Marketing of Nol-Tec.

Nol-Tec clients will benefit from the technical expertise, industry experience, and exceptional service provided by the Dynequip team. Their team includes three former Nol-Tec employees who each spent more than a decade with the company. Their team shares our commitment to deliver equipment, systems, and peace of mind to our clients. We know this partnership will be mutually beneficial and look forward to the positive impact it will have in the Midwest territory.

“We’re equally excited to represent Nol-Tec and believe our clients will be impressed with the performance of Nol-Tec equipment and systems,” said Larry Wamstad, a former Nol-Tec employee and Co-Owner of Dynequip.

About Nol-Tec
We are a global bulk material handling equipment and systems provider. We specialize in dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying, weighing & batching, pneumatic blending, storage & unloading, and dry sorbent injection. We believe that innovative design results from thoughtful insights, industry experience, and technical knowledge. We have partnered with clients for nearly four decades to bring state-of-the-art products to the marketplace.

About Dynequip
Dynequip’s direction has remained much the same since day one in 1971. We provide mechanical solutions for dry goods handling. We provide the hardware that helps “do the job better.” We are factory representatives for some of the industry’s biggest names, and we are equipment designers & fabricators. We can provide equipment and systems to help you with your process.

How can we help?

Maybe you need a new system, an upgrade to an existing system, or a retrofit. Regardless of size, industry, or material, we are here to help you get your project and product moving.

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