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Mobile Fleet Rentals

Testing is a critical component involved in the research and development of new environmental technologies.

Economical Way To TEST

Our mobile test program and in-house test lab offer a variety of resources to identify, investigate, and solve a range of environmental problems related to flue gas dynamics, bulk material handling, and ash resistivity.

System Explained

We offer a completely serviceable, dry sorbent injection (DSI) system that can temporarily test new sorbents, new injection locations, or achieve compliance in an unplanned event.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling Benefits

CFD modeling is used to provide an accurate and predictive tool for emission reduction. This tool can be used for practical design, optimizing solutions, and problem solving.

Sorb-Tec® Technology Advantages

Sorb-Tec® is a lance-less injector technology that serves as a comparable replacement for traditional injection lances. It’s easy to test without disrupting plant operations. After testing Sorb-Tec®, you will receive a comprehensive report showing the impact it has on your sorbent usage.

Pilot Test Lab Benefits

In-house, pilot scale equipment has been used to solve bulk material handling issues related to dust control, product blending and mixing, silo discharging, and ash/sorbent conveying issues.

Immediate Compliance Options

Achieve compliance due to environmental regulation changes or unexpected events with the help of our functional mobile fleet.

Proof of Concept Solutions

Onsite engineers and vendors run concept tests to collect and analyze non-bias data to help clients justify capital improvement plans.

Ash Resistivity

Ash resistivity lab is operated in accordance with the Standard Criteria for the Laboratory Measurement of Fly Ash Resistivity and is used to measure impacts of ash resistivity on ESP performance.


We have a vast knowledge base of research and hands-on experience that covers topics from market trends to complex dry bulk material handling challenges.


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