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Industrial Processes solutions

Dry powdered materials such as glass bubbles, titanium dioxide, and fumed silica are used to make many common industrial process products. We specialize in dense & dilute phase pneumatic conveying, weighing & batching, pneumatic blending, storage & unloading, and automation & controls integration for the industrial processes industry.

powder processing equipment & Systems for Industrial processes

We understand that all industrial processes materials have unique properties that help determine their quality and capacity for varied applications. We realize that industrial processes manufacturers face complex challenges such as government and environmental regulations, hazardous material characteristics, and employee safety requirements.

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Powdered Coatings


Powdered Metals


Pulp & Paper



the nol-tec advantage

We go beyond immediate project needs to understand your business, products, and stakeholders. We share your commitment to product performance, sustainable practices, and innovative solutions. We have the technical expertise, industry experience, and proven technology to design the right system for your industrial process needs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Nol-tec’s responsiveness and commitment to support my business needs has me excited to work with them. I get the commitment and capabilities of a bigger company and a personal service that is uncommon in the industry.”

– Owner, Manufacturing Company

How can we help?

Maybe you need a new system, an upgrade to an existing system, or a retrofit. Regardless of size, industry, or material, we are here to help you get your project and product moving.

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