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Whether your company has always worked with the same bulk materials or you’re introducing a new one to your latest process, chances are we’ve worked with it before and know how it will perform. You can see an entire list of materials we’ve handled by following the link below.

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Looking for updates on local regulations, interesting articles, or just want to know what's happening in our Nol-Tec test lab? Click on to read some of our blogs!

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Dry Hydrated Lime Injection for Coal-Fired Boiler (FGD)

This paper describes a controlled method of mitigating SO2 and SO3 emissions by injecting powdered hydrated lime sorbent directly into a utility’s ductwork.

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A Quick Look at Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Learn about the advantages, disadvantages, and different types of pneumatic conveying systems.

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Dense Phase Conveying Salt

An international food manufacturer recently expanded one of its existing plants in the Midwest to accommodate a new…

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Regardless of industry or application, whatever your bulk materials handling or pollution abatement needs, Nol-Tec will partner with you every step of the way to a successful project. From testing to engineering to technical support, Nol-Tec offers the services you need for a complete solution to your business challenges.

Environmental Solutions

A major concern for modern utility and industrial companies is meeting regulatory standards that protect our environment. Challenges arise to meet these standards that are unique to the manner and location of your business. Nol-Tec has several products for successful pollution mitigation that you can count on to be results-focused and cost-effective.

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Bulk Materials Handling

We're confident we can custom design a solution for your bulk materials handling needs. Having experience in countless industries, Nol-Tec has developed several techniques for conveying material that will be efficient, reliable, and require low maintenance.

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