Sorb-Tec Case Study

Reducing Sodium Bicarbonate Needed to Achieve SO2 Stack Compliance


Dynegy Newton

Project Objectives

  • Reduce amounts of sodium bicarbonate needed to be injected.
  • Achieve stack SO2 compliance requiring ~60% removal.
  • Evaluate performance of Sorb-Tec versus standard lance technology.


  • 650 MW coal-fired generating unit, burning PRB coal
  • Sodium bicarbonate is injected as the sorbent. Sorb-Tec trial was set up with two separate ducts (A & B).
  • For the trial, eight Sorb-Tec injectors were installed in the lance ports in duct A and eight lances were maintained in duct B.
  • An EPA approved SO2 CEMS was used to measure SO2 at the stack.
  • Testing was performed by feeding identical sorbent injection rates to each duct, first into duct A (Sorb-Tec), then into duct B (lances),


Observed Performance


High performance achieved against operating baseline when compared to standard lances.

  • Sorb-Tec met and exceeded 70% removal requirement.
  • Reduced sorbent consumption, offering 17% SBC savings (compared to lance injection)
  • Data indicates even greater savings at higher percent removal requirements.
  • Over two month test period, Sorb-Tec units had <10% of the recorded maintenance occurrences than the traditional lances had.
  • Estimated payback period for Sorb-Tec, at the 17% sorbent savings rate, is less than one year.


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