Pressure Conveying Resin Coated Sand

The customer had multiple sand hoppers that needed to be kept full of resin coated sand.

Sorb-Tec Hl, SO3, ABS

Reducing hydrated lime needed to achieve SO3, ABS, and Blue Plume reduction.

Sorb-Tec Technology – SBC for SO2 Removal

Reducing sodium bicarbonate needed to achieve SO2 stack compliance.

Mercury Abatement Test Results

As the MATS rule take effect, electric generating units (EGU’s) nation wide will be required to tighten up their emission standards of mercury.

Dry Bulk Sorbent Injection

An operator just hits the start button and the conveying system functions automatically based on the salt levels…

Dense Phase Conveying Salt

An international food manufacturer recently expanded one of its existing plants in the Midwest to accommodate a new…

The design of a new processing facility

Expanding a plant or adding a new processing line can be a daunting task. Each piece of equipment in the process must be…

Pneumatically Convey Various Materials

Are you interested in switching to dense-phase pneumatic conveying? Or have you found that your material is difficult to…