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Bulk Material Handling Solutions for the Manufacture of Tire and Rubber Products

Tire and Rubber bulk material handling

Accurate, clean, time-proven conveying for your hard-to-handle bulk materials

Today’s tire and rubber market is growing. Higher demand, changing formulations, environmental quality and safety – all this means you must have a bulk material conveying system that can meet those needs and more.

Nol-Tec Systems has over 30 years of experience in pneumatic conveying, including over 100 systems that provide solutions for the various challenges in handling carbon black, silica, and fillers – the main ingredients in producing rubber.

Watch our video to learn more about Nol-Tec's expertise in handling the components of tire and rubber manufacturing.

Material Integrity

Carbon black can be very difficult to handle in your production process, susceptible to breakage and degradation of particle sizes. This breakage into “fines” can undermine your mixer’s performance, as well as waste your product. Nol-Tec’s dense phase conveying with Air Assist© technology controls the convey velocity to give you undetectable product breakage, to enhance your production capabilities and keep product waste to a minimum.

Addition of Additives

The quality of your final product depends on the accurate addition of your specific additive ingredients. This is what sets your product apart in a very competitive market. And, as your production demands grow, you need to maintain the accuracy, while increasing the speed and efficiency of the material addition. Nol-Tec has developed automation standards with very tight tolerances to ensure your formulas are exact, correct down to the last decimal point. Our PLC code, HMI stations, and mechanical designs focus on precise and dependable high speed automation. User-friendly recipe builders and download screens give your team the confidence that they’re getting the formula right, the first time.

Environmental Issues

Carbon black and silica can both present real hazards for your plant, your workers, and your community. Additionally, cross contamination of materials can negatively impact the quality of your end product. The fully enclosed pneumatic conveying systems that Nol-Tec designs completely contain the materials. This prevents poor air quality through dusting and any cross contamination between materials as the product is conveyed. Our designs are built to be explosion proof, not simply suppressing but preventing explosions of carbon black. And our systems do not require a high volume air pulse to clean the convey lines. This kind of pulse can create the fines that are hazardous. By eliminating this cleaning purge, we remove the risks that fines can bring.

Smooth Flow of Materials

Amorphous silica and carbon black can be susceptible to plugging in pneumatic conveying lines, due to particle size variety and texture of the materials. To keep your production levels high, you need a system designed to meet your specific product needs. Nol-Tec bases their practical designs on customized testing, to ensure your system will work properly with your materials. We also design our Air Assist technology placement to guarantee your bulk materials don’t hang up within the convey line. We work side-by-side with your team to give you a system that works – and keeps on working.

System Flexibility

As your business grows and customer demands change, you need the ability to respond quickly and efficiently. That means you need a system that can be scaled up without a lot of production delays. Nol-Tec designs your system to allow for the addition of in-line components, so you can add production capacity quickly. And we can meet your specifications for plant footprint, distances, and tonnage, with our time and industry tested designs.


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