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Bulk Materials Testing Systems

Bulk Material Testing Systems | Materials Testing System

Our testing facility lets you “try before you buy” to ensure a positive outcome

No matter what type of pneumatic conveying systems or material handling conveyors you’re considering for your plant, the best way to ensure future production efficiencies and maximum profits is through comprehensive and verifiable testing. Nol-Tec Systems offers in-house testing for bulk material handling systems and on-site testing for dry sorbent injection. Our material testing systems let you see our products in action so you can be confident that they’ll deliver the outcomes you need.


Contact Nol-Tec today to schedule testing for your unique application.


Testing for Bulk Material Handling Systems

The integrity and long-term success of your process depend on reliable bulk material handling. Nol-Tec has a complete, state-of-the-art testing facility at our headquarters in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, where we can reliably duplicate your field conditions and conduct trials on the exact material(s) you’re conveying.


Every test is material specific, site specific, and application specific. We will set up a pneumatic conveying system that replicates, as accurately as possible, how it will be set up in your facility, including the distance your materials need to be conveyed. The material testing system will convey your actual materials to guarantee accurate results.


Our engineers then take extensive readings on the system’s rate, air consumption, material flow characteristics, product degradation statistics, and more. These readings emulate how your pneumatic conveyor will work in your facility. We can accurately analyze a proposed design to determine how it will perform in your application before you commit to a major installation or upgrade.


Our material testing systems provide data for analysis after each test run, which enables us to refine the design to create the optimal system for your specific needs; we can also suggest upgrades and improvement to existing conveyor systems for improved performance. We provide you with comprehensive test reports indicating air usage, system settings, and other key information. We can also provide test samples for your own analysis.


Our versatile materials testing system gives you confidence that our innovative pneumatic conveying systems will meet or exceed your expectations. Designing and installing the right system the first time saves you time, frustration, and costs. We welcome any potential customer to visit our facility and witness the testing process before you buy.


Dry Sorbent Injection Verification

For dry sorbent injection verification, we can bring the entire material testing system to you! As with pneumatic conveyor testing, our dry sorbent injection tests are entirely application-specific. The success of dry sorbent injection depends on factors such as:

  • Materials being processed/pollutants being released
  • Where in your process the sorbent is injected
  • The injection method used
  • How much sorbent is used
  • Retention time (how long the sorbent has to absorb pollutants)
  • Process temperatures


Our portable materials testing system simulates full Sorb-N-Ject® functionality, and enables us to adjust applicable parameters to achieve the best possible results for pollution abatement.


Dry sorbent injection verification is useful if your current pollution abatement measures are not as effective as they should be, if you’re about to begin using new processing methods or processing new materials, or if you’re moving to a new facility. Whatever your need, our on-site sorbent testing gives you the confidence of knowing exactly how our system will work in your process—before you buy.


The Testing Experts

Our advanced material testing systems and extensive testing capabilities set Nol-Tec Systems apart from the competition. We have decades of experience in testing and in the field, and use that experience to deliver the best and most effective testing in our industry.


In addition to designing and testing equipment for customers, we use our test facility for R&D for new equipment, training for our engineers and field service crews, and to show our customers what is and isn’t possible via pneumatic conveying. Customers who visit our facility to watch the testing process in person can also see how operator friendly our system controls are.


Before you make your next major investment in material handling equipment, let Nol-Tec’s comprehensive and verifiable materials testing system show the best options for improving your processes and bottom line. It starts with a free, no-obligation review of your application and requirements.


We also offer dust resistivity testing for electrostatic precipitator (ESP) applications.


Contact us today to learn more about how we balance sound technical expertise with innovative thinking to exceed customer expectations and deliver success.


Common Materials Testing


Materials Handled & Tested

At Nol-Tec, we can create pneumatic conveyor systems for a broad spectrum of materials. Our systems can accommodate particle sizes as small as 2-3 microns and as large as 1-1/2” or larger. We analyze particle size, particle shape, and other factors to provide optimum performance. We’ve developed effective, efficient solutions for conveying everything from powdered titanium dioxide to pet food to ground up refrigerators. 


Contact us to discuss your unique material requirements.


Examples include, but are not limited to:

Power & Energy Industry: sorbents, fly ash, bottom ash, ore

Food Industry: powdered dairy products, sugar, spices, coffee beans

Hard-to-Handle Materials: titanium dioxide, iron oxide, carbon black prill

Fragile or Friable Materials: chopped fiberglass strands, Tic Tacs

Miscellaneous: borax, cement, plastic pellets, tobacco, wood flour, paraffin wax, dried sludge, silica gel, aggregates, molding sand, fertilizer, copper, shale, roofing granules…almost anything is possible!