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Nol-Tec Systems leads the market in custom-engineered pneumatic conveying systems, working with manufacturers and materials processors  throughout the world. We’re happy to share this expertise through articles and white papers, available at the click of a mouse.  

Contact us today to learn more about how Nol-Tec balances sound technical expertise with innovative thinking, to partner with you to exceed your expectations and deliver success. 


FAQs: Solutions for Minimizing Dust Explosion Risks - May 2015

Prevent Combustible Dust Explosions with Nitrogen InertingChemical Engineering, March 2015

FAQs: Frac Sand Conveying with Pneumatics - November 2014

Pneumatics - A New Solution to Handling Frac Sand using Established Technology - November 2014

Weighing, Conveying, and Injecting Sorbents for Mercury Control - APC Magazine, August 2014

Saving Time, Labor, and Money with Pneumatic Batch Blending - Powder and Bulk Engineering, January 2013

Can Dry Sorbent Injection Technology Really Work for HCl for MATS Compliance? - APC Magazine, August 2012

Four Basic Details to Consider with Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying - Powder Bulk Solids, January 2012

A quick look at pneumatic conveying system basics  - Powder and Bulk Engineering, March 2010  

Answers to eight common questions about pneumatic conveying - Powder and Bulk Engineering, March 2009  

Pneumatic Points to Ponder: Using Supplementary Air in Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying - Powder and Bulk Engineering, July 2007

Nol-Tec Europe's Mini-JetTM Powder and Granules Pneumatic Conveyor - International Ceramics Journal, April 2007 

Case Histories

Mercury Abatement Test Results - July 2014

Meeting EPA Standards with DSI - APC Magazine, August 2012

How Dry Bulk Sorbent Injection Effectively Removes Stack Gas Pollutants - APC Magazine, February 2011 

New Product Offering: Dry Sorbent Injection Systems for Coal-Fired Power Plants - Powder and Bulk Engineering, May 2007

It's OK to be a Little Dense When Conveying Salt - Powder and Bulk Engineering, March 2006

Starting From Scratch: Rubber Compounds Producer Designs New Processing Facility - Powder and Bulk Engineering, November 1999

How to Pneumatically Convey Various Materials in Dense Phase - Powder and Bulk Engineering, March 1997 

White Papers

Impacts of Hydrated Lime Injection on Electrostatic Precipitator PerformanceBob Mastropietro, Nol-Tec Lodge Cottrell Division

Dry Hydrated Lime Injection for Coal-Fired Boiler Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Nol-Tec Systems, Inc., February 2009 

Fine Particulate Collection Using Dry Electrostatic PrecipitatorsBob Mastropietro, Nol-Tec Lodge Cottrell Division

Fly Ash Resistivity with Injected Reagents and Predicted Impacts on ESPsBob Mastropietro, Nol-Tec Lodge Cottrell Division