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Bulk Material Handling Solutions for the Proppant Industry

Proppant Conveying

Today’s proppant market is changing. Higher demand, air quality concerns, adaptability to meet new customer needs – these all mean you need a proppant conveying system that keeps your cost of ownership low, but allows you to respond easily to marketplace needs.


Nol-Tec Systems offers you a flexible proppant conveying system, technology proven through our more than 30 years of experience in pneumatic conveying. Frac sand, resin coated sand, and ceramics can all be conveyed with no dusting and with scalable expansion capabilities.


Watch to learn how Nol-Tec's pneumatic conveying systems can help you.




Nol-Tec's pneumatic conveying offers you:

Efficient scalable growth
Pneumatic conveying systems are not limited in layout the way mechanical, gravity-reliant systems are. We’ll design a system to perfectly suit your precise specifications in plant footprint, distances, and tonnage. You can grow at the pace your customers need, changing your process for the changing market.


100% product containment 
With a fully enclosed system, pneumatic conveying means no silica dust being released into the environment. Reduced dust fines, less product waste, and the elimination of the need for extra dust collectors mean better environmental quality, safer working conditions, and lower costs.


Proppant friendly system
Testing, backed by real world experience, proves that we can maintain the integrity of your materials. You’ll achieve no product breakage, minimal system wear, and the ability to convey any proppant you have.


Low cost of ownership
Nol-Tec’s flexible pneumatic conveying systems can stand up to whatever your proppant throws at it. Extremely high temperatures and product abrasion can all be managed with ease in our system designs. We offer you turnkey process integration, allowing for seamless combinations of pneumatic and mechanical equipment, utilizing our automated control systems.


Contact us today to learn how Nol-Tec’s flexible proppant conveying system can help keep you on top of the proppant marketplace.