Nol-Tec's training and start-up - the difference


Installation Supervision

  • Whether you’re installing with internal resources or using an external contractor, a Nol-Tec supervisor can oversee every step of the process. They can ensure proper installation procedures are followed at your facility and that the overall design is interpreted correctly.
  • Our installation supervisors can even make adjustments in the field as issues arise, to help your system setup carry on smoothly without delay.

Start-up and Commissioning

  • Following installation, our service engineers will commission your system for optimum performance. Our staff is well versed in all aspects of our equipment, and will work with you to fine-tune your system’s operation until you are completely satisfied.


  • After a system has been commissioned, our service team will work with plant operators and maintenance personnel to ensure you know how to operate and maintain your new system. Throughout the lifecycle of your system, we offer refresher training for new and existing employees.


  • After installation and startup are complete, Nol-Tec will supply you with your system’s final “as-built” drawings, as well as full reports detailing the status of all adjustable devices — all valuable information should you need to make future modifications.