How our Silo Discharge works

We specifically offer a couple pieces of technology that enhance flow to provide continuous, reliable material discharge that is also easy to maintain:

Model 328 (fluidizing bin bottom)
A cone is placed at the bottom of the silo that includes our 276 aerator valves to fluidize the material as it’s being discharged. The valves are unique in that they have a double air source providing a dynamic pulse while also preventing material from going back into the valve. The bin bottom is easily serviceable with the valves being individually removed, serviced and replaced.

Model 420 (air pad distributor)
The air pad is placed below the fluidizing bin bottom and used to promote material discharge to multiple locations. The distributor features a fabric membrane that creates a thin layer of gently pulsating air which moves the material and requires minimal height.

Nol-Tec Silo Discharge - the difference

  • Model 328 fluidizing bin bottom is the only technology available that reduces pressure and contact points between particles allowing reliable sorbent flow when needed
  • Being mounted externally, model 328 doesn’t require you to go inside the silo for installation or service
  • Our model 420 eliminates the need for multiple cones, removing dead legging concerns
  • With a controlled refill in our model 420, extra stress to dust collection is prevented, resulting in reduced safety risks and maintenance costs
  • Tested and proven; our technologies have been used in our material handling systems for more than 30+ years

For more detailed information about silo discharge, you can download product literature below.


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