How our resistive splitting works

Resistive splitting fills the duct with a consistent flow of sorbent. Flue gases stream through a curtain of sorbent, ensuring maximum contact for the most efficient chemical interaction and mitigation. Less sorbent can be used, since every ounce counts in reacting with the pollutants.


Nol-Tec resistive splitting — the difference

  • Lower operating costs of sorbent injection system: reduces sorbent injection rates by improving distribution evenly across the duct.
  • No limitations on number of ports; can be designed for any number of injection ports
  • Innovative design which resists abraision, which allows for use of a broader range of sorbents, increased equipment longevity and lower maintenance costs
  • Easy installation at the main convey pipe, allowing you to begin using the technology immediately
  • Maintenance friendly: each line can be safely isolated for maintenance work while online and injecting

For more detailed information about resistive splitting, you can download product literature below.

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