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Pneumatic Bulk Material Handling Solutions

Bulk Material Handling Solutions | Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Whether you're wrestling with EPA regulations requiring boiler duct injection to handle abatement from stack gases or in the market for an advanced latest pneumatic conveying system equipped with a high-efficiency dust collection unit, Nol-Tec is the value-added partner you can rely on.


With Nol-Tec’s long history of successful pneumatic conveying design, you can count on a bulk material handling solution that won’t cause problems further down the line. Start to finish, we anticipate potential challenges, configure the ideal design, oversee the installation process, and provide you with service across the full life-cycle of your equipment.


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Types of Conveyor Systems

Dry Sorbent Injection

Our Sorb-N-Ject® technology for dry sorbent injection has been proven to be effective for helping facilities of all types meet EPA standards for reducing air pollution. Dry sorbent injection is cost-effective for mitigating Hg, HCl, HF, SO2, and SO3. Whether you operate a fossil fueled electrical generation facility, industrial boiler, or biomass plant, we can customize a dry sorbent solution for your application.


Activated Carbon Injection

Mercury abatement is an important goal for EPA compliance. Powdered activated carbon injection is very effective at removing mercury. However, the material requires an innovative approach. Our technique for delivering powdered activated carbon is unique and efficient. Nol-Tec has installed permanent activated carbon injection systems in many facilities, a direct result of our commitment to pioneering new technologies.


Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs)

Dry ESPs can collect both coarse and sub-micron particles and deliver superior performance across a variety of inlet conditions, ambient and working temperatures, pressures, and dust burden levels. Nol-Tec’s ESPs are custom-tailored to match each customer’s unique requirements. Our skilled team will provide process evaluations and performance predictions to determine which option is best for your application.


Baghouses/Fabric Filters

Baghouse/fabric filter dust collectors are highly efficient, fuel flexible, and often cost less than ESPs. From small, basic units to complex, multi-compartment systems, Nol-Tec provides baghouses that are customized to our customer’s unique needs. Our fabric filters can be paired with dry sorbet injection systems or ESPs for even greater particulate and pollutant mitigation.


Particulate Control Services

Nol-Tec’s particulate control services can help you optimize your day to day plant operations and reduce downtime. We offer on-site process management, personnel training, recommendations for and installation of plant upgrades, and more. With our in-house dust resistivity lab, we can test your ESP to ensure optimum performance. We also offer spare/replacement parts to keep your particulate control system running at its peak.


Dense Phase Conveying

Low-velocity dense phase conveying is a gentler way to move abrasive, friable, or mixed-batch materials. At Nol-Tec, our extensive experience with dense phase conveying technologies has enabled us to develop new, specialized types of conveyor systems for transferring materials efficiently while reducing degradation.


Dilute Phase Solutions

Dilute phase conveying solutions are useful for a broad range of applications. The costs associated with installing dilute phase bulk material handling solutions are low and the equipment is simple to operate. Dilute phase conveyors are ideal for food processing applications, chemical manufacturing, environmental control systems and many other applications.


Pneumatic Blending

Producing a homogenous blend of a powdered, granulated, or abrasive material is impossible without the right equipment. At Nol-Tec, our pneumatic mixers are specially designed to ensure homogeneity. We customize pneumatic mixers for a wide range of applications, and offer several special options, including stainless steel construction, interior coatings, USDA dairy dry designs, and high temperature options.


Weighing & Batching

At Nol-Tec, we customize weighing and batching systems for all types of applications. Combining our weighing and batching systems with pneumatic conveying or blending systems is a simple process; a weight and batching system from Nol-Tec can easily become an integral part of your facility.


Electrical Process Controls

Process controls are useful for a range of applications, from bar codes to human machine interface (HMI). Our electrical engineers have considerable experience with these technologies, and can customize electrical process controls for your particular needs.



Because we are your one-stop source for bulk material handling solutions, we offer the components you need to make your system work efficiently and effectively. From dust collection systems to air activated gravity conveyors, we’ve got you covered.


Does Your Bulk Material Handling Solution Require Something Special?

Providing engineered bulk material handling solutions for your company’s specific needs is what Nol-Tec Systems is all about. We have the expertise to deliver assured production efficiencies and long-term performance reliabilities to solve your material handling challenges.


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