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Product Literature

Nol-Tec Systems leads the market in custom-engineered pneumatic conveying systems, working with manufacturers and materials processors  throughout the world. Available here, you’ll find further information about our dense phase and dilute phase conveying systems,  dry sorbent injection solutions, and how Nol-Tec works with you to keep your business on line and thriving.


Contact us today to learn more about how Nol-Tec balances sound technical expertise with innovative thinking, to partner with you to exceed your expectations and deliver success.



Innovative System Solutions

Sanitary System Solutions



Sorb-TecTM Lance-less Injection Technology

Test Facility Profile

Any sorbent, any rate, any conditions - DSI/ACI with Gen 3

Sorb-N-Ject Technology™ – Dry Sorbent Injection Mitigation Systems

Particulate Control - Lodge Cottrell Division

Resistivity Testing - Lodge Cottrell Division

Pneumatic Blending

Resistive Splitting

Air Classified Milling/Resistive Splitting

Industrial Boiler MACT Solutions

Proppants Conveying

Rubber & Tire Solutions


Specification Sheets 

Bag Handling

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Dust Collection

Pipe Bends & Elbows

Pneumatic Blending

Switches & Diverters