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Frac Sand Conveyor Systems

Pneumatic Conveying for Frac Sand, Resin Coated Sand & Ceramics

Thanks to advances in drilling technology, the demand for frac sand has never been higher. With an increased use of fracking sands comes increased concern about air quality. No matter the size of your operation, you need frac sand equipment that can handle the quantities you need while protecting the environment from dust and drift.

With more than 30 years of experience in pneumatic conveying, Nol-Tec Systems can develop flexible conveyors for any frac sand processing application. Our proven conveying technology delivers dependable performance, and the fully enclosed designs help contain frac sand dust. Scalable expansion capabilities allow our conveyors to fit nearly any space and any setup.

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Scalable & Expandable Frac Sand Equipment

While the layout options for mechanical, gravity-dependent conveyors are limited, Nol-Tec’s pneumatic frac sand unloading systems offer nearly unlimited configuration possibilities. We will work with you to develop a frac sand conveyor setup that meets your unique specifications, taking into account factors such as plant footprint, distances, and tonnage. Nol-Tec conveyors are readily upgradable, allowing you to expand your system as your frac sand processing needs change.


Reliable, Cost-Efficient Performance

Our pneumatic conveyors are engineered to withstand constant, heavy workloads and the harsh working environments where frac sand is needed. Special design features allow Nol-Tec’s frac sand equipment to perform at its peak even in the face of extreme temperatures and sand abrasion. Using our automated control systems, we can provide turnkey process integration for a seamless combination of existing frac sand unloading systems equipment and our pneumatic conveyors.


100% Product Containment

Nol-Tec’s fully enclosed frac sand equipment prevents drift and significantly reduce dust levels in the working environment. Our enclosed conveyors reduce frac sand dust fines and material waste, and eliminate the need for extra dust collectors in frac sand processing plants. This all adds up to lower operating costs, safer working conditions, and better environmental quality.


Frac Sand Friendly System

Extensive testing and countless hours of experience conveying sand for industry have proven that our systems are up for the often-difficult task of frac sand processing. They provide superior performance in any application and are built tough for long working lives. Day in and day out, you can depend on Nol-Tec conveyors to handle your frac sand, no matter how large the quantity.


Frac Sand: Origins & Attributes

Frac sand is generally high-purity quartz sand; quartz is ideal because it is very durable and offers a very round grain structure. Prior to the current oil boom, Wisconsin and Texas were the primary suppliers for frac sand processing across the country. Now, thanks to the massive spike in demand, many other states, primarily those in the Midwest and Great Plains, have started supplying frac sand as well.

Frac sand specifications are highly demanding. In addition to high purity, frac sand must have a grain size that matches the job requirements—the material is processed in a range of sizes, from 0.1 millimeter in diameter to over 2 millimeters. The more spherical the grain shape the better, as the sand must be carried to its destination in hydraulic fluid with minimal turbulence. Frac sand must also be highly durable, as it must resist significant crushing forces to provide the desired result.

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