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Nol-Tec Systems Announces Partnership

Aug 1, 2010

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA – August 2010

Nol-Tec Systems, Inc. of Lino Lakes, MN announces they have entered into a strategic partnership with KC Green Holdings Company, Ltd. (KCGH) of Seoul, South Korea. The partnership links the Minnesota based pneumatic conveying and material handling equipment company with KCGH's US based Lodge Cottrell, Inc. for the purpose of providing environmental control solutions for the power generating and industrial boiler markets.

"Our strategic teaming with KCGH and Lodge Cottrell, Inc. strengthens Nol-Tec's ability to provide our Sorb-N-Ject®air pollution technologies, along with proven particulate collection equipment at lower capital costs to industry," says Nol-Tec Systems' Chief Executive Officer Wayne Johnson. "Our new relationship helps ensure Nol-Tec's continued long term growth through expanded international market access and superior single-source pollution control solutions for all our customers."

TY Lee, CEO of KC Green Holdings Company, Ltd. said, "Partnering with Nol-Tec greatly enhances Lodge Cottrell's ability to expand its product and service offerings in the US Market."

Nol-Tec Systems, Inc. is a service-oriented bulk material handling company specializing in the design, manufacture and integration of pneumatic conveying systems and components for powdered and granular bulk materials. Applications include sorbent injection systems, dense-phase and dilute-phase pneumatic conveying, railcar and truck unloading, weighing and batching, pneumatic blending, dust collection, bulk bag handling, bulk storage and process control.

Nol-Tec will continue to fully support and expand its pneumatic systems core customer base while also serving as the US platform for KCGH's powerful Lodge Cottrell electrostatic precipitator technologies.

KC Green Holdings Company, Ltd. is a South Korea based company specializing in the provision of environmental equipment. The company provides three categories of products: dust collection systems including electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters, electrostatic bag filters, wet scrubbers and centrifugal collectors; gas treatment systems including wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems, semi-dry reactor systems, de-nitrogen oxides (NOx) systems, ash handling systems, dry treatment systems, dry plasma reactor systems and de-dioxin systems, and industrial machines including dampers, heat exchangers and pressure vessels. The company also has an extensive manufacturing and equipment fabrication operation in South Korea.

Lodge Cottrell, Ltd., a KCGH company based in Birmingham, England is a supplier of environmental air pollution control equipment for the power generation industry and other industrial process applications with over 4,500 electro-static precipitator installations world-wide.

For more details on Lodge Cottrell, Inc., visit http://www.kccottrell.us.