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Meeting EPA Standards with DSI


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After years of discussion and study, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized stricter emissions standards for energy generating units (EGUs). Standards will apply to both utility and industrial fossil fuel-fired boilers, and all EGUs have three to four years to find a cost effective, efficient method of pollution mitigation. Some of these compliance standards may vary by group (industrial vs. utility boiler operations), type of boiler, type of fuel (coal/oil/natural gas), type of pollutant, and age of plant (“grandfathered” existing facility versus new plant). However, compliance standards are required by all such plants.

Industry studies are beginning to indicate that there may be difficulties in meeting this deadline with some types of retrofitted solutions. However, those same studies are showing that dry sorbent injection (DSI) systems can be implemented well within the necessary timeframe. And field tests by Nol-Tec Systems, Inc. are providing proof that DSI can be a successful solution to bring HCl and Hg  levels into compliance with EPA standards.

Dry sorbent injection is an excellent solution for many applications. It will be used by many EGUs to achieve HCl and Hg emission limits. However, the best way to determine whether it is a good solution for your plant is to test a DSI system in your plant location, mitigating your actual emissions. Nol-Tec Systems’ Sorb-N-Ject® technology offers you a portable, on-site testing program with these advantages:

  • Comprehensive onsite testing – accurate and verifiable results with a variety of sorbents
  • Portability of the complete system – including all essential ancillary equipment
  • Easy, less costly installation – our self-erecting storage silo doesn’t require additional equipment costs and permit fees
  • Minimal disruption to your current processes – avoids major modifications to your existing facilities and support structures

Nol-Tec’s Sorb-N-Ject test program can ensure that you know what to expect from a permanent DSI system – budgeting, timing, and manpower can all be determined through our test program. And, while the final system configuration is being decided, Nol-Tec can lease the Sorb-N-Ject portable system to you. Your facility can meet EPA standards more quickly, while your permanent mitigation system is being designed and installed.

With the stringent regulations and timelines being implemented by the EPA, portable dry bulk sorbent injection testing is essential to ensuring your facility is compliant and cost effective. Nol-Tec’s Sorb-N-Ject proven technology and testing program allows you to determine those important factors before committing to a complete system overhaul. Contact us today to learn more about how our system can work successfully for you.