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Sorb-Tec Lance-Less Sorbent Injection

Sorb-Tec Lance-Less Dry Sorbent Injection

Dry sorbent injection is a common technology for reducing a variety of pollutants. It offers a low-capital cost method to mitigate SO2, SO3, HCl, and Hg pollutants to meet increasingly strict emissions regulations.

Most systems traditionally use lances to inject sorbent into the duct. While lances offer a low capital cost, they often require high operational costs due to inefficient mixing and dispersion. They also have a strong tendency to clog, which mandates ongoing maintenance.

To address these issues while still meeting your pollution abatement requirements, Nol-Tec has developed an innovative injection technology that eliminates lances: Sorb-TecTM


What is Sorb-Tec?

Sorb-Tec is a patented injector design that delivers the most advanced method of injecting dry sorbent into ducts for pollution control.

Sorb-Tec injectors are is fitted to ducts externally, replacing all lances on a one-to-one basis. Using boosted air, Sorb-Tec injectors enhance mixing and dispersion of the sorbent within the duct, ensuring lower sorbent usage and improved flexibility while increasing the efficiency of the chemical reaction. By reducing sorbent usage, Sorb-Tec technology also provides instant cost savings.


 Traditional lances                       Sorb-Tec Injectors


Reducing Costs with Sorb-Tec

  • Reduces sorbent usage up to 40% through better chemical interaction 
  • With no lances or other equipment inside the duct, clogs are minimized or eliminated
  • Reduces wear of downstream equipment
  • Reduces landfill costs/improves ash sales because of diminished volume of sorbent being used


Operations & Maintenance Enhancements

  • No modifications to existing system are required
  • No equipment penetrates the duct, eliminating interference
  • Small, lightweight & easy to install
  • Can be configured within existing DCS


Increased Flexibility

  • Reduce pollutants by up to 25% beyond traditional lances
  • Enhanced flexibility & system tunability for fuel and load changes
  • Sorbent, system & vendor neutral​
  • Can be fitted for new systems or retrofit to existing systems


​DSI/ACI Optimization

  • Can be installed in small spaces
  • Offers ability to move injection locations
  • Can reduce the number of injection points needed


Known Issues

How Sorb-TecTM Can Help

High Sorbent Injection Rates Can reduce sorbent injection rates by as much as 40%, reducing sorbent costs and equipment wear
Regulation Compliance

Can reduce pollutants by up to a further 25%, providing an increased buffer on compliance standards

Maintenance Costs Eliminates key source of regular maintenance - the lance
Ash Sales / Landfill Costs Reduced injection rates can minimize sorbent in ash, improving ash quality for sales or cutting landfill costs
Injector Location Small, lightweight design allows for optimal injector location, not limited to solely where a lance can function
Variable Load Operation Can tune each injector separately, allowing for automated feed rates and blower speeds for varying load operations


Dry Sorbent Injection Tailored to Your Needs

Sorb-Tec technology is custom-engineered to meet your specific requirements, with on-site trials available to prove its performance benefits for your system. 


Contact Nol-Tec today to learn more about our patented, proven Sorb-Tec technology.