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Baghouse / Fabric Filters

Nol-Tec Systems Baghouse Dust Collectors

A fabric filter, also known as a baghouse, is a common air pollution control device. Fabric filters remove particulate matter from gas streams in industrial processes and electricity generation applications by passing polluted air or gas through a layer  of  cloth that is selected based on the temperature and chemical composition of the process gas stream. Unwanted particulates are deposited on the cloth, while the cleaned air/gas passes through.

Baghouse dust collectors are a highly efficient, and may be a lower-cost alternative to electrostatic precipitators. Fabric filters will provide uniform, high efficiency particulate filtration in any application and will allow fuel flexibility not afforded by an electrostatic precipitator.

The Right Baghouse for YOUR Application

Whether you need a small, or  complex, multi-compartment system , we can provide a baghouse that’s tailored to your unique needs. While all fabric filters function in essentially the same way, changes in filter material and configuration, the addition of a specialty membrane, and other factors can be considered to improve performance and longevity. Nol-Tec has the experience and the know-how to develop the perfect customized baghouse for your application.

Our test tower facility  allows us to  test long bag lengths, pulsing systems, and more, to fine-tune the performance of your custom baghouse.

We can engineer customized baghouse dust collectors to work in tandem with dry sorbent injection systems or electrostatic precipitators for superior particulate and pollutant mitigation.

Nol-Tec can also provide reverse air fabric filters, shaker fabric filters, and other baghouse solutions, should your application require them.

Contact us today to get started on a customized baghouse from Nol-Tec’s Lodge Cottrell Division for your application.

Pulse Jet Fabric Filters

Nol-Tec’s Lodge Cottrell Division pulse jet fabric filters are used in a wide range of industries and applications all around the world. Our fabric filters provide effective filtration for processes that demand high collection efficiencies with low dust emissions. Nol-Tec baghouse dust collectors regularly deliver 99.9% efficiency or better, and we have developed solutions with outlet emissions at 1mg or below.

The innovative design of the inlet ducts permits high inlet dust loading with only moderate pressure loss. Our pulse jet fabric filters are designed for low maintenance requirements, with effective, automatic bag cleaning provided by microprocessor-controlled pulsed air. Online or offline cleaning options are available to suit your application requirements, as well as an online maintenance option for multi-compartment units.

Ceramic Filters

Nol-Tec also carries a line of ceramic filters for high temperature applications.

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